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Pawsuasive Dog Teaching is dedicated to all the dogs that can do amazing things. We strongly believe that basic obedience along with trick knowledge and dog sports can solve most dog issues.

My history teaching dogs. I volunteered some of my extra time learning to teach dogs at local dog shelters then putting that knowledge into practice for over 20 years so far. I actually got started out as a dog teacher who used to use devices such as prong collars and shock collars. Thankfully that phase did not last long. As my skills improved I found out I no longer need prong collars or shock collars. How ever I do love the vibrating E collar with beep. Hopefully some day I wont need those either.

I have watched tons and tons of dog teaching videos. I still do actually. I am always looking for the most positive ways to teach dogs cool things. Some things I come up on my own like Ruby’s lip syncing. We will be attempting even more tricks here soon.

My personal dogs in order. Tapai a German shepherd, was my first dog. A farm dog that I would not leave its side. I guess I got lost in a bean field when I was really young following Tapai. Tapai would help me round up cows for milking and saved me one time from a rattle snake. Boy did I love exploring with that dog.

King was more of a family dog. She was a great exploring companion as well from about 8 to 13 years old. And no I did not name her.

Then my first dog of my very own Fredricka knew well over 60 tricks. She knew her colors and a little over 20 different objects by name. She also knew about 10 people by name. You could tell her to pick up certain object and give it to people she knew.

It really tore me up to have to put Fredricka down. She was still eating and very responsive she just lost control of her back legs and I could not find anyone willing to help her. We spent her last night drinking bud bottles and eating tons of cheese her 2 favorite naughty treats she rarely got. And I was the last thing she saw before closing her eyes.

11-28-2012 May have destroyed me but 02-25-2017 gave me new meaning. Dogs help us is so many ways. They are truly humans best friend.

11-28-2012 destroyed me. I went into a very deep depression for many dark years. Then Ruby entered my life on 02-25-2017 as a totally wild and crazy dog. She had a warning on her paperwork to have 2 people handle her. They also told me she would be impossible to teach. She did not want anything to do with humans at all. I am pretty sure she was abused because when we got her home she freaked out on broom she would not go near it.

In the first 2 weeks Ruby escaped 4 times, 2 times in the first 24 hours. I was too tired to do any real teaching so I had an outside the box thought. Well shoot I realized Ruby really enjoyed the car ride so I taught her “IN”. My devious plan paid off because by the time she escaped the 3 and 4 time all I had to do is chase her down and tell her “IN” and she jumped right on in.

Well only 1.5 years after I got Ruby I entered her in a local trick dog contest and she took 2 place. We went back the year after that and she took first place. And we plan to take first again this year that is the event is even held.

Our goals are to keep the dog teaching fun. Come out with some great videos on YouTube. Not all our videos really have anything to do with teaching we have some fun stuff too. Like an entire play list dedicated to videos where Ruby ends up in a mud puddle at some time. I swear she a mud seeking missle.

We hope to eventually grow the business so much that we can start a rescue or a teaching program for more troubled dogs. I hope I can find someone to eventually be the video editor that is willing to partner up with me for a cut of the YouTube money we would make. Would prefer a video editor from here in Kansas City area.